For many people and organisations, saving fuel may be one cost at the top of the list to reduce.  By including some of the following fuel saving tips, you may be able to significantly reduce fuel consumption:

  • Keep your speed down. Driving at 70mph can use up to 10% more fuel than driving at 60mph
  • Try to avoid harsh acceleration and braking
  • To maximise aerodynamics, remove any unnecessary weight that is not required
  • Ensure the vehicle is serviced and maintained correctly so the vehicle is operating efficiently
  • Make sure that all tyres are inflated to the correct pressure for the vehicle and for the load carried
  • If the vehicle doesn’t have Stop/Start technology, avoid idling by switching off the engine when the vehicle is stationary
  • Turn off electrical loads when they are not needed including heated screens and demister blowers
  • Reduce the use of air – conditioning systems, these increase fuel consumption

The results of maintaining a smoother driving style can reduce accident rates by up to 60%, reduce fuel consumption and emissions by up to 20% and reduce vehicle downtime by up to 45%.

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Please note: this information sheet is not intended to replace or override any policies or procedures applicable to your business nor is it intended to replace or override manufacturer recommendations as outlined in the vehicle handbook.

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