From June 4th 2018, learner drivers will be permitted to take motorway driving lessons with an approved driving instructor.  At present, learner drivers can only have motorway lessons after they’ve passed the driving test.

The motorway lessons will be voluntary.  It will be up to the instructor to decide when the learner is competent enough.  When the changes come into effect, learner drivers will need to be accompanied by an approved driving instructor and the car they are driving must be fitted with dual controls.

When the law changes, it will be applicable to learner drivers only, learner motorcyclists will not be allowed on motorways.  Trainee driving instructors won’t be permitted to take learner drivers on the motorway.

It’s important that other road users are aware of the change, so they know what to expect when driving near learner drivers.  As with any vehicle on the road, keep a safe distance from learner vehicles in front of you and increase the gap in bad weather conditions.

You should also be patient, learner drivers may not be so skillful at anticipating and responding to events.

The Highway Code rules on motorways will be updated. A copy can be downloaded from the website.

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