Production ramped up in support of NHS

Venari has maintained ambulance production at Group Headquarters, West Yorkshire, with continued effort placed on NHS deliveries as a priority.

Venari’s group contingency measures were actioned in March and have been intensified in conjunction with the UK Government’s fight against Covid-19. The measures were taken to protect staff throughout the group whilst maintaining production, in-line with social distancing and safety measures.

Venari Group CEO, Oliver North, said; “Following the activation of our group production consolidation, we’ve been ‘all-hands-on-deck’ at HQ to ensure we do not let our NHS customers down, at a time when they’re proving to the world just how amazing they are.

“As soon as we saw the increased challenges faced by the NHS, we were all intent on fulfilling our obligations to ensure we could at least do ‘our bit’ to assist their huge task.

“Usually, when we deliver an ambulance, there is a natural feeling of pride knowing it will go on to play its part in saving lives. Now, the feeling has been hugely intensified, with the feeling that we’re supporting our incredible NHS in their toughest fight in modern times.

“With a larger footprint at HQ, we have been able to maintain large distances between production staff without compromising safety. We have added air purifying systems into common areas in headquarters, using the latest photocatalytic oxidisation techniques, ensuring the air quality is as clean as it can possibly be. Administrative staff are working efficiently from home.

“We are of course feeling supply chain constraints which impact the flow of production which would make the option of closing, an easy one. But we won’t, because we have an obligation – we support the NHS in more ‘routine’ times, and we will continue to support them through their hardest times.”