Drone Response Unit

Go anywhere. See Everything.

The O&H DRU (Drone Response Unit) is a comprehensive, dedicated drone vehicle – packed with world-class technology, providing game-changing relevance to UAS teams.

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Equipped with the latest drone technology, the DRU has a bespoke quick-release and ready-to-fly drone mechanism, which enables onboard aircraft – such as thDJI M30 Series and M300 RTK – to remain fully assembled and prepped for rapid deployment when it matters most. 

The DRU also contains a built-in DJI AeroScope RF drone detection unit, real-time weather station, temperature-controlled battery charging area, air suspension, onboard welfare facilities, a command and control station, and a 43″ QLED monitor with picture-in-picture display, Bluetooth monitor mirroring and USB/ HDMI input – used to display the live feed from the drone for command-and-control purposes.

The vehicle is 4G/5G enabled and capable of unlimited run times thanks to its onboard generator (which also offers drone battery charging). Internal and external lighting has been created to allow for 360-degree illumination at take-off & landing, as well as ‘night mode’ – replacing all white light with red light, proven to have a lesser effect on night sight adjustment.

The O&H DRU also offers: 

  • Layer 1 drone detection system for airspace awareness and monitoring.
  • Temperature-controlled compartment, ensuring batteries maintain optimum temperature to deploy instantly and regulate while charging.
  • 360-degree CCTV and GNSS tracker for fleet monitoring and location awareness.
  • Integrated boiling vessel for personnel welfare purposes


heliguy™ is the leading drone company, headquartered in the UK and supplying and supporting drone programmes around the world.

Facilitating end-to-end workflows, heliguy™’s offering includes proof of concept, consultancy, hardware supply, UK CAA-approved drone training and industry-specific closed courses – including dedicated surveying/GIS and emergency services training – an OSC consultancy, in-house repairs, R&D lab, drone defence, and in-house GIS specialists.

Partnering with heliguy™ has facilitated in the creation of a Drone Response Vehicle, purpose built with the UAS market.