Electric Patient Transport Service

The new O&H E-PTS is a zero-emission, fully electric, patient transport vehicle with industry-leading range and flexibility.

Built on O&H’s 35-year heritage of producing patient transport vehicles, the E-PTS is host to a suite of innovations designed to improve passenger and patient comfort.


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Electrified Innovation

Our industry-leading Electric Patient Transport vehicle hosts a range of innovative features. The heating system, which makes use of infrared panels embedded in the ceiling, is one distinctive feature guaranteeing less power usage with the system only heating the passengers immediate surroundings.

It’s also critical to provide an electric vehicle enough power. As a result, O&H has added auxiliary batteries to increase battery life, enhancing the car’s efficiency and range. It is also capable of attaching solar panels to the roof to lengthen operational run time and trickle charge the supplemental batteries.

These innovations lessen the drain on the vehicle’s battery, allowing the E-PTS to go up to 100 miles on a single charge. However, when charging is necessary, the E-PTS can charge from 15% to 80% (via DC rapid charge) in 34 minutes.

*Battery range is dependent on numerous variables, including vehicle weight (fully laden) and driving style. The figure provided is indicative. Based upon a 150 kW DC Public Fast Charger.
Our double crewed ambulance, patient transport service and rapid response vehicle

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Key Features

Increased Battery Life

15% - 80% in 34 Minutes

5 Year Warranty

Phone, Email and Website Support


All our patient transport service vehicles allow for a flexible configuration, allowing the safe transportation of seated, wheelchair and stretcher patients.

6 Seated - 0 Wheelchair - No standees
3 Seated - 2 wheelchairs - No standees
5 Seated - 1 Wheelchair - No standees.

4 Seated - 1 Stretcher - No standees
1 Seated - 2 wheelchairs - No standees
3 Seated - 1 Wheelchair - No standees.

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Interior Electric Patient Transport vehicle saloon cab

Interior Specification

Infrared Heating Panels
Seat Sensors
LED interior lights
Flexible seating layout
First Aid Kit
Emergency break glass hammer
High level door release
Cantrail locker
Yellow grab handle
Yellow grab pole
Litre foam spray fire extinguisher
Bump pads - Grey
Wipe down Interior

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Interior Electric Patient Transport vehicle saloon cab

Exterior Specification

Tinted windows
Heavy duty ramp
Bespoke external Livery
Rear parking sensors
Air suspension

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Optional Extras

Roof mounted solar panels
Over cab storage locker OR over cab air conditioning
Cycle aware kit
Stretcher charge outlet
Roof hatch OR powered roof vent
1-meter cantrail locker & bump pad
2-meter cantrail locker & bump pad
CD oxygen cylinder bracket on the wheelchair storage pen
ZX oxy bottle
Piped oxygen system outlet
Dial type flow meters
Drivers protection screen
Drivers heel plate floor matt (Aluminium 5-bar)
Hand sanitizer dispenser
Grab pole modesty panel
Lowmax wheelchair
Compact 2 carry chair.

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