Tandem Portable Pump

The Tandem consists of a single twin-cylinder petrol engine powering 2 independent pumps for UHPS and Normal Pressure.

  • Twin-cylinder petrol engine equipped with automatic accelerator
  • Weight – 190 KG
  • High Pressure – 30 ltrs per min @ 130 Bar
  • Normal Pressure – 120 ltrs per min @ 14 Bar
  • Foam mixing from 0.5 to 6%
  • Multiple engine options available


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Petrol, two-cylinders 18 HP, equipped with automatic accelerator. 

Engine is electric start with manual starter for emergencies, equipped with 12V battery or ANDERSON plug for connection to the vehicle’s battery. 


High Pressure Normal Pressure
Output 30 ltrs per min Output 120 ltrs per min
Operative Pressure 130 Bar Operative Pressure 14 Bar
Maximum Pressure 160 Bar Maximum Pressure 20 Bar
1 x light alloy hose reels with axial feed, equipped
with 80 meters of R1 hose 10×17 mm
1 x delivery hose dia.25 mm, 20 meters length
1 x High Pressure nozzles for water and foam model FIREBLOCK® with triple effect. 1 x Normal Pressure fog lance model AQUASTAR allowing regulation of water / foam flow
High Pressure foam mixing from 0.5 to 6% Normal Pressure foam mixing from 0.5 to 6%



Dimensions 1280 (L) x 680 (W) x 775 (H) mm

Weight 190 KG


Both pumps are provided with an automatic acceleration system and automatic pressure regulating valve. 

The engine is accelerated only when the operator delivers water from the nozzle and the engine automatically returns to the minimum speeds when the flow is closed. The benefits of this include:

  • Longer life of the engine and transmission components
  • Extends the service life of the pump
  • Ecologically friendly as exhaust gases are considerably reduced
  • Increases the up-time between service intervals



  • 1 x coiled suction hose, 6 metres, with coupling and suction valve on one side 
  • 1 x small tool kit 
  • User manual for :
    • High Pressure pump
    • Normal Pressure pump 
    • Engine



  • SUPER MIST branch pipe, 1000 mm. length with central rotating nozzle and radial micro-perforations to allow 360° atomisation. 
  • SUPER MIST nozzle for chimney fires. 
  • Piercing lance
  • Lance QST 75 or 100 ltrs per min with class A surfactant
  • High output and High Pressure hydro-ejector to allow suction in extreme conditions.
  • DRAIN SYSTEM for draining the pump and all piping after use, specifically useful in cold conditions. Additionally, this aids in reducing internal pump corrosion, especially after brown/saltwater use.