Rapid Response FireFighting Vehicles

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Built on flexibility

The challenges and environments firefighters are facing today are changing rapidly. Our Lightweight fire fighting vehicles are built to adapt to these needs quickly and effectively. Manufactured on the renowned Ford Transit Chassis, each vehicle has been design engineered for even weight distribution across the axle, for improved handling and vehicle longevity.

Infinitely versatile, each vehicle can be modified to accommodate:

– Varying water tanks of 600 – 1000 Litres, with additional foam mixing agents.

– Hold between 2 and 5 crew.

– House both normal and ultra-high pressure pumps – including tandem. Ideal for smaller firefighting requirements, such as wildland.

– An ergonomically designed, customisable touchscreen interface in the driver’s cab, as well as custom lighting controls in the rear, allowing for quick responsive commands in the most time-critical scenarios.



Built for you

11.8m^3 of space, with unrivalled configuration options. The rear of the vehicle is fitted with an internal modular system, allowing for ultimate storage flexibility and customisation. 

Built with durable but lightweight substrates – while utilising and maximising every cubic inch of usable space – our lightweight fire fighting vehicles can house ladders, lockers, slide and tilt drawers and dirty PPE bins in an unrivalled number of configurations. Maximising the firefighter’s capability to respond as safely and efficiently as possible.


At Venari we are passionate about working collaboratively with our customers – through every stage of the build process – to produce the best possible product for our frontline emergency services. If you need to learn more about our products and services, or how we could work together on future products, then click here to contact us.