Lithium-ion Extinguishing

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Manufactured to the highest standards the Vanquish system is a high-performance unit – specifically designed for AVD. Custom-built on a full high strength chassis the system is fully reusable / rechargeable. Developed to be vehicle mounted for rapid response and challenging locations. The compressed gas-driven Vanquish unit provides fire and rescue services with a flexible, world-class system.

Contents AVD
Standard PD5500 Cat 3 EN1866
Operating Pressure 10 Bar
Relief Value Pressure 12 Bar
Test Pressure 24 Bar
Capacity 50 Litres*
Propellant Nitrogen
Jet Type Atomised Spray
Flow Rate 7 Litres / Min

*Capacity options – 30l, 50l, 75 and 100l.

Extinguishes and Prevents

The vanquish system expels the unique media – AVD – at the optimum droplet size which extinguishes by encapsulating the fuel source and prevents the reignition of the burning lithium-ion, halting thermal runaway. A reduction in thermal output is instantaneous once the lithium-ion source has been encased.

Creates a fire break

Coating adjacent areas or objects to a fire using the vanquish system can prevent further propagation – as demonstrated below. AVD has been applied to the side of the vehicle, not the rear – preventing the penetration of fire on the coated surface. The uncoated rear of the vehicle however has already ignited.

Isolates, insulates, cools, and extinguishes. Permanently.

Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion (AVD) is a new revolutionary extinguishing technology, designed to combat lithium-ion battery fires. Lithium battery failure can be caused by physical impact or penetration, overheating short circuits, internal cell failure, manufacturing defects and overcharging. AVD offers a unique Vermiculite Dispersion that can be used across a range of scenarios involving Lithium battery, Electrical and Class A fires.

AVD’s exceptional performance includes the following:

Water content cools the fire source
Vermiculite platelets encapsulate the fuel source creating an oxygen barrier
The vermiculite film is not electrically conductive
Twice as effective as water on a class A fires
Can be applied as a fire break
Easily applied using Vanquish.

AVD is an aqueous dispersion of chemically exfoliated vermiculite. It is applied to lithium battery fires as a high volume cone of mirco droplets, extinguishing them and preventing the propagation of the fire. Vermiculite is the name given to a group of hydrated laminar aluminium-iron-magnesium silicates. It consists of thin, flat flakes containing microscopic layers of water. The chemical exfoliation of vermiculite produces microscopic, individual platelets that are freely suspended in water. This yields a stable aqueous dispersion of vermiculite to be used as a lithium battery fire extinguishing agent.

AVD is environmentally safe

Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that is exempt from REACH regulations. It is chemically and physically inert, only releasing steam when exposed to raised temperatures. It is also non-toxic to humans, plant life and animals.