Patient Transport Vehicles

Built with paramedic and Ambulance Trust input, Siren is a genuine 3.5 tonne lightweight ambulance without comprise. Produced in partnership with Ford. Complete with advanced digital connectivity.

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Innovation Personified.

The ground-breaking Ford Venari ‘Siren’ was officially launched in 2021 as the best-in-class 3.5 tonne lightweight ambulance, providing a ‘no compromise’ payload capability in conjunction with world-class digitised functionality. ‘Siren’ answered calls from National Health Service ambulance organisations to enable front line operation, only requiring a B-licence whilst producing exponential operational advantages and huge reductions of CO2 emissions.



The coveted new ambulance was co-developed by Venari and Ford during the most challenging time in economic memory and, significantly, provides a platform for significant job creation for the local economy.

Operationally, environmentally and economically, therefore, Siren looks set to become a game-changing market leader with a significantly higher purpose.


Designed For Toughness.

The most important pre-requisite when designing ‘Siren’ was to reduce weight significantly all whilst increasing the vehicles toughness on the front line. The protection of our everyday heroes whilst saving lives is and always will be our biggest motivation. The vehicle has therefore been subject to Ford’s demanding and thorough in-house testing to ensure optimum performance during the most challenging situations.


A Perfect Partnership.

Project Siren has, for the first time in the ambulance industry, provided the synchronicity of OEM and emergency vehicle builder as one organisation. Co-developed by Venari and Ford with shared IP highlights the passion that the partnership projects into each and every vehicle.