Whole Vehicle Type Approval


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What is Type Approval?

Vehicle Type Approval or GB Whole Vehicle Type Approval is a process that allows a converter to obtain approval for a production sample.

Once approved, it then allows the converter to carry out the conversion without the need for reapproval or Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA). The VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency) is solely responsible for issuing GB Type Approvals on behalf of the Department for Transport (DfT).

These standards require an extensive list of safety features and designs to keep both patients and crew safe in every eventuality. This includes BS EN 1789:2020 CEN standards as well as a Stage 2 Statutory Plate fitted and a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) provided with all of our completed vehicles.


The incorporation of CEN 2020 is the result of two years of meticulous research, extensive design engineering, prototyping, and testing, with final dev­elopment costs approaching £1m and over 8,000 engineering hours invested. In addition, the project has seen intense collaboration with the VCA to ensure complete compliance with every requirement of the Whole Vehicle Type-Approval system (WVTA).

CEN 2020 also requires improvements to its development vehicles, including reinforcement of the base vehicle to increase structural integrity and reduce injury risk. The vehicles have been impact tested to 10g at UTAC in France, and now come with additional metal supports and frameworks.

Customer Assurance

The proof is the tamper-proof silver ‘Stage 2 Statutory Plate’ fitted to the driver’s door slam pillar.  This is certified by the VCA and matches Fiat’s ‘Stage 1 Statutory Plate’ with the unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Every Type Approved vehicle proudly carries this plate, and the customer receives a security bonded Certificate of Conformity to further underline the vehicle’s safety credentials.

Type Approval vs IVA

An IVA isn’t appropriate for fleet conversions but it does have its place when used correctly. For example, at Venari we use an IVA when prototyping and testing new product lines. Once we are happy with the prototype we will then seek Type Approval before taking that product to market.

Benefits to your fleet


Don’t be concerned with arranging the logistics of the base vehicle yourself. We work directly with the manufactures to arrange delivery and provide you with an ETA for the completion of your conversion so we can organise collection with you directly.


We work with the manufacturer to ensure time frames are set in place, so your estimated time of delivery is achieved. We also issue our own Certificate of Conformity (CoC) which means we don’t have to wait for an IVA assessment.


We don’t ask you to register your vehicles prior to conversion, so you don’t start paying for your vehicle until it’s ready to join your fleet. The CoC is also included in the conversion, therefore we won’t ask for any additional certification fees.

Safety, Certified

Rest assured, you’re in good hands. We have been through the most stringent testing, procedures and homologation processes to ensure you don’t need to worry. We have been audited by the VCA to carry out the conversions, and are continually audited both internally and externally by the VCA to retain our converted Conformity of Production (CoP) certification.

Our high standards are the same as the vehicle manufacturers’ and our conversions leave our conversion centre as they do from the manufacturers factory – perfect. Why wouldn’t you use a trusted converter like us? Your end conversion is a quality build, safe and always converted correctly, ultimately saving you on time, logistics and budget.