We’re thrilled to conclude the year by delivering our 500th Patient Transport Service Vehicle of 2023. Designed, manufactured, and homologated to Whole-Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) standards – as part of our ongoing commitment to drive the highest levels of safety for patients, passengers, and crew throughout our entire range of conversions.

This independent inspection and testing by the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) ensures that our vehicles are built to the highest quality and safety standards for both passengers and operators. The VCA further audit our Conformity of Production holding both our design and production to a far higher standard than the more superficial Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) alternative. As part of our ongoing commitment to drive the highest levels of safety for patients, passengers, and crew throughout our entire range of conversions.

The external of our Patient Transport Service Vehicle. Built and certified to GB Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA).

We’re also thrilled to announce that, once again, we have been selected by Dawsongroup Bus and Coach to build their next fleet of Patient Transport Service Vehicles in partnership with TrustFord – with deliveries set to commence in Q2 of this year. The order continues to build upon the success of delivering over 220 Ford Transit PTS vehicles for the group since launching the product just 18 months ago.

The Venari PTS vehicle addresses the needs of the patient transport services industry. Built on a premium Ford chassis, it is both reliable and durable. With an adjustable interior layout and user-friendly floor tracking, it allows for multiple confirmation options. It can accommodate two wheelchairs or a stretcher while upholding the highest patient safety standards and operator convenience.

The internal saloon of our Patient Transport Service Vehicle build and Certified to GB Whole Vehicle type Approval (WVTA).

Joe Moran, Quality Manager at Venari Group, added, “We’ve been producing PTS vehicles at our Goole factory for decades and, as such, have evolved the quality, robustness and ergonomics in the production of thousands of vehicles. Now, however, the Ford Transit chassis provides a premium quality base vehicle, converted to the highest industry standard. It is a pleasure to provide Dawsongroup Bus and Coach with the first of what is rapidly becoming the industry standard – E-Transit ready too, to ensure fleets can continue to drive green agendas in line with overall increased PTS quality.”

A fleet of Patient Transport Service Vehicles at our site. All built and certified to Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA).

As a leader in UK ambulance manufacturing, Venari O&H’s foundation has been built on building the best-in-class patient transport vehicles (PTS) for UK patients for 30 years. Our pedigree in the PTS field ensures high quantities of PTS vehicles can be manufactured at our facility without a compromise in quality.

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